Spanish Links

More interactive Spellmaster games and hot potato exercises.

Lots of online activities and there is the facility for teachers to create their own versions of the games. Subscription required.


French, German, Italian and Indonesian Language Games - plus FREE facility for teachers to make their own.

Australian Languages Online

Spanish online activities. Good for higher tier GCSE and A-Level.

Asi se

A collection of powerpoints and other resources (Mainly French/Spanish)

A collection of quality teaching resources in French, German, Spanish and Italian

Some excellent online exercises based on short videos.

Hot potatoes - make your own online exercises with their FREE SOFTWARE

Make your own versions of the spellmaster games with their FREE FILES

Spellmaster Games.

Lots of FREE FLASH FILES for easy adaptation to make your own online games and activities.

Sandfield's Games.

FREE facility to make a range of educational flash activities. N.B. You cannot take the file off the website, your activity is stored on their server and they provide you with a link to access it directly - this means you need an internet connection for it to work.

Many thanks for designing the logo. Pay him enough money and he might make you one too!

Rory Tawn's flash animation site